Virtual Reality

Familiarization and training for complex apparatuses.


evelopment of advanced self-learning courses through the use of tools using Virtual Reality:

  • RV simulation for training of equipment and systems;
  • RV simulation for the maintenance of equipment and installations maintenance;
  • RV simulation for troubleshooting;
  • RV simulation for personnel training to deal with dangerous situations (fire, gas and liquid leaks);
  • RV simulation for the familiarization of environments for educational and commercial activities.

Immersive experience


he VR Maint system is used as an aid to design and training in the industrial field.
Starting from the 3D of a project, Kepler develops the VR Maint system that allows you to have an immersive experience before the construction of the apparatus.
In the main room you can choose from various settings.
VR Maint allows to enter the recreated area where the apparatus will be installed and interact with it, at the same time you can check the right location and any logistical problems of space.

In the familiarization room it is possible to disassemble the apparatus and visualize the components and the information related to them.

In the maintenance room you can instruct the maintenance personnel on the operations to be performed. The maintenance technician tests the various maintenance operations with or without the aid of the various steps (speech or text) of the procedure to be carried out.

In the operating room you have the opportunity to become familiar with the use of the system or device, have the feeling of being in the environment where it will be installed. Design engineers can check for space problems during the design phase.

In the technical data room, by selecting the various components of the system, all the information believe important can be displayed.

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