Project Planning and FEM Analysis

Kepler provides extensive advice on the entire design of electro-mechanical devices.

Project Planning


he project planning is divided into the following
phases of development:

  • Initial data collection ( Analysis of Requirements
    – Project Objectives ).
  • Design Feasibility ( Preliminary study to identify the main
    solutions that can be adopted to achieve the
    objectives ).
  • Review and changes ( Evaluation of the proposed solutions
    in collaboration with the client for complete
    compliance with the initial requirements )
  • Detailed Study ( Analysis of the Design
    – 2D and 3D modeling
    – Elaboration of technical drawings
    – Production of technical documentation
    necessary for the realization of the project )

FEM Analysis


EM structural calculations are considered to be the
most realistic simulation in order to proceed to the
production with the utmost tranquility.

Structural analysis using the FEM software approach:

  • Linear static Analysis
  • Nonlinear static Analysis
  • Kinematics-Dynamics Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Fatigue Test Analysis

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